Brand Story

The Name T8K is derived from the abbreviation of “Task 8000”

There are 14 mountains in the world is above 8000 meter.Our goal is to be a gear supplier to those who wants to challenge to climb all of these mountains.Each adventure to these mountains is like a task.Thus, the brand name Task 8000.

Never give up.Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.
As long as there's a path, I won't quit half way!
—Fish Tri
Be on top of the world or realize each one’s dream
always requires great persistence, professional training and good quality of gears.
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Everything needs to be right.Little details make a difference on a 1200 meter tall face.

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T8K is always the enabler to help you fulfill your needs and complete the tasks with the best support while you are doing outdoor activities.